Hello! I’m Katherine, and I’m incredibly curious.

KEF hedshotAt the moment, I’m writing about health and science for Quartz (qz.com). I’m obsessed with the way demographic shifts to an older population affects the future of health, and the businesses succeeding (and failing) to meet our health needs. I also love looking at inclusion in clinical research, and whatever is the most pressing public health issue of the moment, which recently has been Covid-19.

When I’m not writing for Quartz, I’m planning my next long run.

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In addition to Quartz, my work has been published in Nature Medicine, Nature Methods, the Atlantic, Motherboard, onEarth, Scholastic, and Scienceline. I’ve attended media fellowships at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, the Mayo Clinic, the National Press Foundation, and the Gerontological Society of America.

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Stay curious, friend! ❤ KEF.