Hello! I’m Katherine, and I’m incredibly curious.

KEF hedshotAt the moment, I’m covering the Food and Drug Administration at POLITICO. My beat includes tobacco regulation, user fee agreements, administration personnel, and novel therapy approvals for Covid-19 and beyond.

I also keep a newsletter, where I write about all the things I learn outside of my job.

In addition to POLITICO, my work has been published in Quartz, Nature Medicine, Nature Methods, the Atlantic, Motherboard, onEarth and Scholastic. I’ve attended media fellowships at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, the Mayo Clinic, the National Press Foundation, and the Gerontological Society of America.

I spend a lot of time running, too! I’m a co-leader for November Project DC, a free fitness community that meets every Monday and Wednesday. I run road and trail races, ranging from 5 and 10ks to ultramarathons.

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Stay curious, friend! ❤ KEF.