Hello! I’m Katherine, and I’m incredibly curious.

IMG_0036At the moment, I’m writing about health and science for Quartz (qz.com). I like to approach topics through a physiological lens. Bodies—of the human, animal, and sometimes plant or microbial variety—are capable of amazing feats. Whether it’s fighting off microscopic pathogens, thriving in extreme circumstances, or evolving over thousands of years, life is amazing in ways often unnoticed.

When I’m not writing for Quartz, I’m planning my next long run (I shoot for two marathons per year), or I’m finding some way to learn about animals. Some days, I do both simultaneously: my home of Washington, DC has trail through the zoo, which means my water breaks are otterly delightful.

I also keep a newsletter. As I report or go about my daily life, I learn so much that can’t make it into articles. Every week, these scrap facts get a chance to live to see the light of your inbox!

In addition to Quartz, my work has been published in Nature Medicine, Nature Methods, the Atlantic, Motherboard, onEarth, Scholastic, and Scienceline.

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Stay curious, friend! ❤ KEF.